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Compassionate Counsel. Robust Representation.

Jenae Randall, of Randall Law Firm, PLLC, strives to provide compassionate counsel with robust representation to the Northwest Arkansas area.  Mrs. Randall confines her practice to Criminal, Immigration, Crimmigration, Family and Landlord/Tenant Law. Honesty and Integrity form the foundation of the firm.

You can expect Compassionate Counsel.  My goal is to counsel each client so that they completely understand what crime they are charged with or the steps of the legal relief they are pursuing.  I believe in a personal relationship with each client that includes compassion and empathy.  I believe in including my clients in every step of their case, appreciating their input and direction, and celebrating our success together.

You can expect Robust Representation.  I will find creative ways and explore every avenue to get you the relief or result you desire.  I cannot make any guarantees, except that I promise I will give every effort to get the best possible outcome.

You can expect excellent customer service.  My practice is small, as I take cases selectively. This allows the ability to really get to know the client, not as another case file, but as a valued person. By keeping my client numbers low, I can keep clients informed of exactly where they stand in their case and what the next step is. I promise to always return phone calls within 24 hours.  

You will not have a secretary or legal assistant that you are always contacting, I am the person you speak with, when you want.  That’s why I answer my phone.  Call 479-790-8090 and see today.